When the Bible Is Tested for Accuracy

Compare the way ancient manuscripts are evaluated and see how the Bible measures up. A 1-minute devotion to inspire.

When the original manuscript no longer exists, authorities judge the accuracy of ancient writings by these two criteria:

1. The number of copies available for comparing inconsistencies. 

2. The date of the oldest copy - how long it was written after the original.

Most ancient manuscripts, such as the writings of Plato and Homer, have under ten copies. And the oldest manuscripts available are usually dated at least 1000 years after the originals. 

But there's one ancient manuscript that beats out all others for reliability. It's obvious that the Author wanted people to know it was His work.

It has:
  • 5,750 ancient manuscripts in the original language!
  • 25,000 in other languages!
  • 1 manuscript dated 300 years after the original writing!
  • 1 part of the manuscript dated 35 years after the original!

When compared, all manuscripts of this book are remarkably equivalent except for very minor, insignificant differences. 

If you haven't already guessed, it's the New Testament. 

Isn't it ironic that despite these proofs, people are more apt to trust the authenticity of Plato's words than the words of Scripture? 

Why is that? Because...

"The fool says in his heart, 'There is no God.'" Psalm 14:1

"The wicked are too proud to seek God. They seem to think that God is dead."  Psalm 10:4

Source: Skeptics Answered by D. James Kennedy

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Compare the way ancient manuscripts are evaluated and see how the Bible measures up. A 1-minute devotion to inspire.

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  1. Hi Gail,
    I love this. I never understand why people deny its validity with so much evidence proving the validity. Thanks for sharing this today.

  2. Hi Gail! Wow, those are some impressive statistics. When it comes to faith, if you don't have it, you just don't get it. Nothing you can say will win someone over, if they aren't ready, don't you think? But we have the Lord on our side, and certainly some great proofs :)

  3. Thank you for this! I was just talking to a young lady that I am discipling, about this very thing and was planning to look for a source after the holidays. I came across this on Pinterest. Done!
    Patti M

  4. Always good to be reminded of these statistics.