Vibrant, Healthy Christians Eat Right

Vibrant, Healthy Christians Eat Right

In a previous devotion I talked about spiritual “junk food” that leaves us spiritually malnourished. 

What we need is spiritual “health food”:

1. While junk food teachings downplay prayer, Bible reading, and fellowship, health food teachings stress their importance (Psalm 119:16; 1 Thessalonians 5:17). 

When they become a regular part of our diet, we realize they aren't tasteless vitamins. They're flavorful whole foods that build our faith muscles and clean toxins from our minds.

Vibrant, Healthy Christians Eat Right
2. While junk food teachings emphasize God’s grace and dismiss personal responsibility, health food teachings rejoice in God’s grace and respond to that grace with dedicated and Christ-empowered obedience (Philippians 2:12-13).

3. While junk food junkies yell “Judge not” when they hear teachings about sin, healthy foodies yell “Thanks, I needed that!” (10 Scriptures).

4. When junk food teachings misapply Scriptures, healthy foodies pull out their Bibles and study (Acts 17:11). 

They make sure they aren’t falling for an artificially flavored gospel. They want the real thing, complete, fresh, in context. 

So which are you spiritually: a junk food junkie or healthy foodie?
God often compares His Word to food (e.g. Matthew 4:4). Bible Loves Notes has a Pinterest board devoted to 1-minute devotions using food analogies: Soul Food.


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