Sugar-Coated Truth

Why God's Word and the Gospel Shouldn't Be Sugar-Coated

Decades ago, the sugar industry funded studies that shifted the blame for poor nutrition to factors besides sugar. Even though it's obvious that too many sweets are unhealthy,(1) we eagerly accept studies that take the focus off our bad habits.

This is also true spiritually. There are some very popular beliefs in Christian circles based on the wrong application of Scripture.

Here's two tips for discerning if a Bible verse has been correctly applied:

1. If it sounds self-serving, you can bet it's not accurate.
The Bible teaches self-denial, not self-esteem*. It teaches repentance* and turning from our old ways, not loving ourselves just the way we are.

2. If it agrees with cultural morals,* it's not accurate.
The New Testament clearly warns against premarital sex, adultery, pornography, homosexuality, and many other things accepted by our culture.

God doesn't sugar-coat the truth, and He alone knows what's healthy for our souls (1 Corinthians 2:14).
* Highlighted words link to devotions addressing this subject.
(1) Even God says too many sweets are harmful: Proverbs 25:27

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Why God's Word and the Gospel Shouldn't Be Sugar-Coated


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