Some Dangerous Selfies

Why we need to re-focus and give God the glory

Selfies are becoming dangerous. 

According the Washington Post, while taking selfies people have fallen off mountains, waterfalls, and staircases; been gored by bison (Yellowstone), been hit by oncoming trains, and drowned. One man even killed himself while taking a selfie holding his gun!

What a great illustration of our propensity to miss the big picture because of our obsessive focus on ourselves.
    Why we need to re-focus and give God the glory
  1. Instead of understanding that we are totally unworthy of Christ's death, we focus on our significance.
  2. Instead of teaching our children (and ourselves) to develop self-control, we focus on self-esteem.
  3. Instead of seeing God's infinite wisdom, we focus on our finite view of things.
  4. Instead of seeing hardships and worldly treasures in light of eternity, we focus on the here and now.
Dear Christians, let's quit falling off mountains, being run over by trains and shooting ourselves in the head.

Instead of focusing on ourselves and our fallen culture, let's focus on the glory, wisdom and truth of God (2 Corinthians 3:18).
To better understand the errors in the 4 "views" above:
1. Who's WorthyGod Esteem and Other-Focus; Not Even One
2. Nine Parts Flattery; Dangers of Self-Esteem
3. Greatest Human Need; If I Were God
4. Beauty From Adversity; Even When We Can't See the Good 

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