The Prostitute - How God Valued Her Soul

The Prostitute - How God Values a Single Soul
Rahab the prostitute was not beyond God's salvation...
A thoroughly evil city on the brink of destruction ... A woman selling her body for money...not a hope-filled situation (Joshua 2 & 6).

Have you ever thought about the fact that everything was against Rahab the prostitute?

But God doesn't leave anyone without evidence of His existence. 

The Prostitute - How God Values a Single SoulLike everyone in Jericho, Rahab was born with a sense of right and wrong in her heart (Romans 2:14,15) and the witness of God in nature (Romans 1:20). She also had the knowledge of God's past miracles (Joshua 2:9-11). 

But unlike everyone else in Jericho, Rahab responded.  

So God guided two spies to her door. They probably thought they were going on a fact-finding mission. But they were on a soul-finding mission

God was unwilling to destroy the city without rescuing this single prostitute and He changed the course of history to do it.

Are you praying for an unsaved loved one who doesn't seem to have a hope? Remember the story of Rahab and keep praying! 
 © copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011
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