Who's Your Hero?

Philippians 4:8-9, following Godly examples
We all have heroes or heroines. Who are yours?

Entertainment and sports celebrities, politicians and wealthy businessmen are common heroes in America. 

Christians should have heroes too, but our criteria should be different. 

We should be disappointed in anyone who violates God's principles no matter how well they sing or throw a football, no matter how popular they are with our culture.

Our heroes affect our lives because they command our attention and shape our values. 

What does it say about us if we know sports stats, movie lines, fashion trends, and secular music lyrics better than we know Scripture?

Paul, an extreme Jesus-lover, commanded the Philippians to follow his example and the example of other godly Christians (3:17; 4:8-9). 

Today we need his advice more than ever. Let's admire those who stand firmly for the Lord, whether they are popular with our culture or not.

Who are your heroes?

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  1. Elizabeth Elliott, James Dobson, John MacArthur, just to name a few. I agree with you, Paul is a most excellent hero!


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