Out of Love

King Solomon Chose Love for Women over Love for God
God told Solomon, "Ask for whatever you want," and Solomon's unselfish request for wisdom brought Solomon great favor, wealth and wisdom from God. (1 Kings 3:5-15).

Fast Forward: 
Solomon disobeys God's command against marrying foreign wives and God speaks to Solomon again saying these wives will lead to the demise of Solomon's faith and his earthly kingdom (1 Kings 11). 

This time Solomon's answer is not recorded, but we know he didn't change.(1)

Scripture says, Solomon held fast to his wives in love (1 Kings 11:2). He loved his foreign wives more than he loved God.

He had more wisdom than anyone on earth (1 Kings 10:23), yet his love for women made him a fool. 

This is a powerful message to us. 

Would we do wrong things to please ourselves or someone else - spouse, parents, children, boss, friends?

If we choose to love anyone or anything more than we love God and His commands, we may "enjoy" our lives, but we will surely ruin them.

(1) Some might blame David for Solomon's choices, but David's repentance after his sin with Bathsheba is exemplary (2 Samuel 12) and Solomon is responsible for his sins. 

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King Solomon Chose Love for Women over Love for God

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