How We Do Something is As Important As What We Do

How and What - God is interested in how we do things as much as what we do
HOW we do something often matters more than WHAT we do.
Even if the principle is right, our method can be wrong.
  • Arrogance + discernment do not equal Biblical discernment.
  • Bluntness + passion do not equal Biblical passion. 
  • Rudeness + confrontation do not equal Biblical confrontation. 
Scripture tells us to have humble motives (Philippians 2:1-4), gracious speech (Colossians 4:6), and kind behavior (Ephesians 4:32, 5:15-16). Then we'll "do nothing from selfishness," we'll know "how to answer everyone," and we'll "make the most of every opportunity."

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How and What - God is interested in how we do things as much as what we do


  1. So true. It doesn't matter how "right" a person is if in the communication they alienate, hurt, embarrass, or ridicule the other person. Immediately the other person will tune out any possible truth in whatever comes next. I had an epiphany recently when I was beating myself up over a decision I'd made. I wondered if I had made the wrong choice and my "brain" (read "enemy") told me that I'd really done it now. Things were going to go downhill and it would all be my fault. Then that still, small voice spoke to my heart and said "If you were wrong, is this the way I would tell you?" I realized God's leading or correction is always going to be loving, firm but gentle, encouraging. Not critical, rude or demeaning. We need to take the hint and be the same.

    1. Such a good point!
      When God convicts us of sin, there may be an "ouch" factor, but His purposes are always loving and constructive. When Satan reminds us of our sins, it's all about shame, nothing hopeful, constructive or purposeful.
      Thanks for sharing this thought.
      God bless you,


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