God loves us, Choices are not all good, following God's commands is best
Our culture puts a high value  on our "right" to make choices.

And many people feel each person should determine right and wrong, even when their decisions affect the lives of others.

God also puts a high value on choice. 

Unlike our culture, God makes it clear that some choices are wrong and harmful (Proverbs 14:12).

He offers clear guidelines and commands and warns us of temporary and eternal damage.

His commands protect our hearts and souls.

Our culture loves choice. God loves us

For a short Bible study on this devotion, check out Bite Size Bible Study and see what advice God gave to Cain.

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  1. The right to make choices - despite their acceptance to God's will - seems to be a dominating topic today. Lots of "line blurring" between what God wants and what we want. Messages like yours are what is needed in times like this!


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