Stupid Has No Age Limit

Luke 9:26, Speaking up for God's Truth, Peer Pressure, Not being ashamed of God's Words
After moving to a new city, my adolescent daughter joined the youth choir. At the first practice, a girl made fun of my daughter's shoes while other girls snickered. Not one girl had the integrity to come to my daughter's rescue.

I volunteered at a nursing home in that same city. I'd visit patients and offer to read a Psalm before leaving. 

One afternoon, a 100-year-old man enjoyed our visit but refused the Psalm saying it would embarrass him if his friends saw him listening to the Bible.

That's when I realized peer pressure has no age limit.

And Christians aren't immune from it either. We're constantly pressured to accept and affirm worldly values.

We have the same choice in every situation: We can join in, snicker in the background, say nothing, or do the right thing and speak up for truth.

"Whoever is ashamed of me and my words, the Son of Man will be ashamed of them.." Luke 9:26

Let's speak up! 
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  1. thanks, I just read this to my teens at bedtime.


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