Self or God Esteem?

1 Peter 2:11, Self-esteem not Biblical, God-esteem not self-esteem
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I've written about ways self-esteem philosophies contradict Scripture, but they appeal to our ego so we have trouble giving them up. 

We've accepted the false belief that people with good self-esteem are good people.

When evidence proves that criminals typically have high self-esteem, we convince ourselves that their high self-esteem is simply low self-esteem that exhibits itself as high self-esteem!

Studies, however, show that promoting self-esteem also promotes narcissism.

More people than ever before are selfish, entitled, ungrateful, and discontent. Many of them demand constant praise and have difficulty seeing things from any perspective except their own.

So how do we turn from the self-esteem voices so present in every area of our culture (even in the Church)?
image: iconmac, Freedigitalphotos

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