If The Earth is Not Your Home....

Why Christians Refuse to Buy into Self-Esteem Teachings

I've written about ways self-esteem philosophies contradict Scripture, but they appeal to our ego so the world embraces them.

In fact, the world teaches that the better your self-esteem, the better person you'll be.

However, evidence refutes this belief. 

Studies show that criminals typically have high self-esteem because promoting self-esteem promotes narcissism (source).

Despite these studies, self-esteem teachings remain popular. 

As the world grows more selfish, entitled, ungrateful, and discontent, Christians struggle to live by Biblical principles.

We don't allow our thoughts to be captured by these worldly philosophies because this world is not our home. We are just passing through. We are called to be temporary residents who esteem God, not self (1 Peter 2:4-12). 

If you're struggling in this area, let me make some suggestions:
Why Christians Refuse to Buy into Self-Esteem Teachings

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