Trash Talk versus Truth Talk

Trashtalk and smacktalk are relatively new terms, but the practice has been around a long time. Goliath, for example (1 Samuel 17).

He trash-talked David this way (from The Message):

“Am I a dog that you come after me with a stick?”
“Come on. I’ll make roadkill of you for the buzzards."
“I’ll turn you into a tasty morsel for the field mice.”
1 Samuel 17:41-44

But Goliath was more than trash talk. 

He was the nine-foot champion of the Philistines whose armor weighed more than David (17:4-7). 

He'd taunted Israel eighty times before meeting David (17:16).

However, David didn't need trash talk because he had TRUTH TALK: "I come against you in the name of the LORD Almighty" (17:45)

What battle are you fighting today? What giant taunts you?
You don’t need to handle it with your own power, intellect or weapons.

And you don’t need to trashtalk because you can Truth Talk.

Let God fight for you and bring down your Goliaths.
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