Don't Let Circumstances "Eat" You

Jonah, running from God, expect trouble when you run from God
Sometimes "detours" in our lives are part of God's divine plan. (Read about one of mine: Hello & Goodbye)

These detours happen when we misunderstand God's purpose or get ahead of His plans. What looks like a detour is actually a blessing that will further prepare us for our future. 

But there's another type of detour that isn't natural or good.

It's a "Jonah detour," and follows the Jonah Principle:
"If you run from God, expect to be eaten by circumstances."

God called Jonah, Jonah ran, and God detoured him into the belly of a big fish (Jonah 1).

We look at Jonah and think "How ridiculous! You can't run from God!"

But I imagine Jonah's thought processes were similar to ours when we "run" from Scripture passages that tell us to deny ourselves, be holy, earnestly seek God, avoid sexual immorality, seek His Kingdom first...

Today let's ask God if we're running away from His purposes in any area of our lives. As soon as we acknowledge our sin, God can "spit" us out of the "belly of disobedience" and back into action.
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