Give Careful Thought to Your Ways - Haggai

Haggai, Give Careful thought to your ways, Seek first God's Kingdom, Matthew 6:33
Have you read the small book of Haggai

It contains an important life principle. 

When God restored His people to their land, they built themselves fine "paneled" houses but didn't build a place to worship.

God expected them to build homes, but He didn't expect them to focus exclusively on themselves. 

They missed a number of blessings because of their self-focus (1:6, 10-11), and they denied God pleasure and honor (1:7). 

Four times in this two chapter book God warns them: "Give careful thought to your ways" (1:5,7; 2:15,18).

Haggai was written for a particular people during a particular time in history, but it speaks to us today about our priorities. Have we denied God and forfeited blessings by focusing too much on ourselves?

Matthew 6:33 is our New Testament reminder of this principle:
"seek first his kingdom and his righteousness, and all these things will be given to you as well." 

Let's give careful thought to our ways.

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