Comfortable on the Couch

Alarming Trends Among Christians

I've never lost a job because of my faith, never been arrested for owning a Bible, never been beaten for attending church. 

I consider regular meals, hot water, and a comfortable bed "necessities." 

Most of you are the same.

We live such easy lives compared to most of the world, that we've come to believe we deserve our comfort and wealth. We think we've denied ourselves when we give up one of our many luxuries.

Alarming Trends Among ChristiansWe've become "Couch Christians"-- willing to do the easy things for Christ, but convinced that nothing more is required.

Studies show some startling things about the average American Christian:

1. They give only 2.5% of their income to God's work.*(source).

2. Most never go on a mission trip (77%) (source).

3. The Majority (81%) don't read their Bibles daily (source).

4. A third have never made a faith-choice that cost them anything (source).

Let's read Luke 9:23-26 and ask if we've become too comfortable with our blessings.

*During the Great Depression Christians gave 3.3% (source).


  1. I feel as if I'm here. I used to read my bible in the morning before I started my day. Thank God I have joined your 1 minute Bible study. I have been reading these before bed. Thank you for your time and for sending these to me. I can feel the diffrence in my mornings now. I want Jesus as the head of my life again. I will not succeed with out him . Thank you again Alicia

    1. Hi Alicia,
      I'm so glad that your desire is to "get off the couch" : )
      God will honor that desire.
      I pray that your desire continues to grow!
      God bless you.


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