5 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

5 Ways to Keep Christ in Christmas

How do you focus on Christ at Christmastime? It’s important to be deliberate so the materialistic focus of our culture doesn't camouflage the meaning.

Our celebration includes a birthday cake for Jesus--a special time to light candles and express gratitude for Christ.

4 other ways to “stay focused”:
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  • Pray for each gift-giver before opening gifts.
  • Buy gifts for the needy (there are many organizations that offer this opportunity—Salvation Army, Angel Trees, local churches).
  • Help serve a meal at the local rescue/homeless mission.
  • Read the Christmas story when everyone can focus on the wonder of it all! (For children, this usually isn't right before opening gifts).It’s easy to get swept up in the busyness of Christmas and lose sight of the real meaning. We need to be deliberate…to have a plan.

Will you join me today in asking God to help us focus on the wonder of His birth this holiday season?

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Please leave comments with your ideas for staying focused on Christ at Christmas...I'd love to hear and so would other readers.

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Christmas is a Birthday


  1. Is it true Jesus wasn't born December 25? So why celebrate this occasion

  2. Hi Ivette, Yes, we don't know the exact date when Christ was born.

    But His birth--His coming to earth to save mankind-- is worth celebrating just as every other act of His life and death are worth celebrating whether we know the exact dates or not.

    If I adopted a child whose birth date was unknown, I would chose a date to celebrate. We celebrate birthdays and holidays because of the person or event behind them, not because of the date. This holiday season culminating on December 25th I'll be celebrating Christ.

    And not knowing the exact date will not keep me from doing that.

  3. I believe in Luke it tells the month Gabriel came to Mary to tell her of this joyous occasion. Looking at the Jewish calendar and then adding nine months put the birth of Christ in March or April. Although, the biggest thing, at least for me, is that He came to set us free. It honestly does not matter when He was born (I don't think) but that He WAS born.


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