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remembering the less fortunate at Christmas
Last year seven of your brothers and sisters celebrated Christmas in a chicken coop, shackled hand and foot...for 20 days.

Why? Because they did something illegal in Laos--they gathered to celebrate Christ's birth. The police arrested them.

The next twenty days, they celebrated the persecution of their Savior instead of his joyful birth. 

Open Doors ministry says, "persecution and Christmas often go hand-in-hand for Christians in over 60 countries around the world." 

Most of you reading this will celebrate Christmas with friends or family in comfortable homes with special foods and luxury gifts. 

There's no reason for us to be ashamed of our blessings....unless we forgot those who are less fortunate, especially those who suffer for the Name above all Names (Matthew 25:34-40). 

These are our brothers and sisters. How will we help them this year? 
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I encourage you to find ministries that help the poor, needy, and persecuted, and give generously to them. 

Let me share three examples you might want to check out:

Elder Orphan Care is a Christian ministry that rescues Romanian elderly from the streets.  You can pray for this ministry by subscribing to the EOC blog, by liking the EOC FB page or by giving/volunteering. You'll appreciate these true stories.

Open Doors helps persecuted Christians in the most oppressive countries. Their site offers true stories, prayer requests, and opportunities to give a persecuted Christian a Bible. If you want to be inspired by the founder of this ministry, read God's Smuggler.

ITEC is a ministry founded by Steve Saint, son of martyred missionary pilot Nate Saint. It's mission is to empower indigenous churches to overcome the technological and educational hurdles that stand in the way of their independence. Giving Info.

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