People Oppose Extravagant Love for Jesus - John 12:1-8

Mary's extravagant love for Jesus, costly perfume
Judas criticized Mary for anointing Christ's feed with perfume...

People will oppose extravagant love toward God.

In John 12:1-8, Mary used a bottle of fine perfume (worth a year’s wages) to anoint Christ’s feet. She was being obedient to the Spirit and was motivated by a deep love for Christ (12:7,8). 

Judas immediately opposed her with a "logical argument"—the money could have helped the poor (12:5). 

Satan can’t stand extravagant love for Christ, and his arguments may sound wise and godly. But they aren't.

When God prompts us to help a friend extravagantly, share our faith extravagantly, give time, money, or love extravagantly, it rarely sounds "logical." Our “Judas” may be a well-meaning friend or the “voice of reason” in our own head.

Somehow, Mary overcame doubts, fears, and "logic" and loved Christ extravagantly. May we follow her example! 
copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011

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