Salvation Changes Us

1 Thessalonians 1:4-10, conviction of sin, indwelling spirit, changes lifestyle, perseverance, proofs of salvation
When I asked Christ to be my Lord, I was 24.

Without being told, I knew I needed to throw out some books and music I owned. 

Instead of using "Good Lord" as a vain expletive, I used it for praise.

I experienced sorrow for sins I didn't even know were sins before.

Even though I was pregnant and busy caring for my 18-month-old, I eagerly found time to read my Bible.

1 Thessalonians 1:4-10 describes "proofs of salvation" saying the Thessalonians' salvation came with: 

1. The indwelling Spirit (power), not mere words(v.4) 
2. Deep conviction (v.4) 
3. Changed lives (v.6-7) 
4. Perseverance (v.6) 
5. Rejection of former sins (v.9) 
6. Eternal focus (v.10) 

We all come to salvation differently. For some the change is immediate, for others more gradual. But, eventually, genuine faith will include these 6 things. 

Are they part of yours? 

If you're unsure of your salvation or if you've never personally asked Christ to be your Lord, I encourage you to read:
Are There Many Ways to Heaven?* and
An Angry Daughter*
And I encourage you to talk with a Bible-believing pastor or friend. 
* These resources are also useful if you are witnessing to a friend.

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