Believe It Or Not!

beliefs versus preferences, genuine belief in Christ, Mark Twain quote
"Would you sleep with a man for $1,000,000?" Mark Twain* asked an attractive woman. 

"Yes, I probably would." 

"How about $5?" 

"What do you think I am, Mr. Twain!" 

"We've already established what you are, now we are just determining your price." 
This anecdote illustrates the difference between beliefs and preferences.

Beliefs are not negotiable--they're not for sale at any price. 

That's why Psalm 15:4 says godly men "keep their promises even when it hurts." 

The godly man is honest, even when he could get away with small deceptions. He honors his parents even when they don't deserve it. He guards his heart even when it means missing the latest movie. 

When tested, we discover that some beliefs are really preferences. That's fine if we're talking about fashion or food, but never when we're talking about God's principles. 

Let's make sure we do more than prefer Christ. Let's believe Him (John 14:21).  

*This anecdote has been credited to a number of people. It may not have originated with Twain.

To do a short Bite Size Bible study on this topic (just 3 passages to ponder), click HERE.


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