Partners & Prayers - James 5:16

Prayer partners, benefits of praying with a friend
Praying with friends can add focus and accountability to your prayer life...

Partners … buddies … soul mates … friends —our well-being is improved by them. 

And so is our prayer life when we commit to pray with one or two others (James 5:16).

There’s something about prayer partnering that:
♥ Keeps us focused 
Keeps us accountable 
Keeps us praying 

I’m not advocating that prayer with a partner should replace personal prayer, but it’s a good addition. And it can provide more than prayer. 

I used to move frequently, and when I got to a new location, I didn’t have friends. Sometimes I’d ask someone to join me for an hour of prayer in my home. If we connected, I’d ask if they’d like to meet weekly. 

Those partners often became my close friends. 

Partnering provides prayer, fellowship and friendship—all things we need to grow in the Lord. 

If you have a prayer partner, thank God today! If not, ask God who you might invite to join you for prayer next week.

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  1. This is so true. It brings me a great sense of relief to know that I am not the only one praying about something that is burdening my heart.


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