Will You Believe Those Who Speak Truth or Those Who Tell You What You Want to Hear?

Proverbs 15:22, seek a multitude of counselors
Seeking a multitude of counselors (Proverbs 15:22) doesn't mean seeking until you find one who agrees with you. 

It's one thing to say we trust God's Word. It's another to obey God's Word when it's unpopular, difficult or misunderstood by our culture. 

There's no shortage of authorities who will tell us to take the easy way.  

Elisabeth Elliot gives some good counsel for seeking counsel: "Here is a good test to apply to any of whom we seek counsel. Has this person stood in the council of the Lord? Seen Him? Heard His Word? Listened and obeyed? Note the few who have actually paid a price for their obedience ... these are the ones to follow ... Be cautious when the advice given makes you feel comfortable when you know you're really wrong." 

It's wise to seek counsel when making decisions or going through difficulties, but it's extremely important that we seek the right counselors. 
E. Elliot Quote: Keep a Quiet Heart, (Ann Arbor, Michigan, Servant Publications, 1995, pp 159,160.) 

Would you like to do a very short Bite Size Bible Study on this devotion? It's HERE.


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