God Often Exchanges our Plans for His Plans

Divine Detours Are Often God's Plan

We never know when God has detours planned for our life, but He always does what's best for us. (This post written September 2013.)

Sziasztok (Hello & Goodbye) - Divine Detours Are Often God's Plan
We felt unsettled, so we decided to take a free military "hop"(1) to England, and pray for three months about God's plans for us. Or so we thought... 

God detoured us big time, and we ended up in Budapest, Hungary--a place we'd never been. Our three months there turned into five years and somewhere along the way, we "became a little Hungarian." 

We love the Hungarian people, we love the country, and even after we returned to the States in 2009, we've made annual visits to Hungary to do ministry. 

So today we take a flight from Charlotte to Munich to Budapest-- 15 hours total, quite a haul for we 60-somethings. 

We have our agenda for this trip, just like we had our plans for England in 2004. I Wonder what wonderful detours God has planned?

"We can make our plans, but the LORD determines our steps...Commit your actions to the LORD, and your plans will succeed." Proverbs 16:9, 16:3 

Last year helping with evangelistic English classes in Tapolca, Hungary.
Sziasztok seems like an appropriate subtitle for this devotion. It's the way you say hello or good-bye to close friends in Hungarian, so I say good-bye to all of you, but it's really a hello because I will continue writing Bible Love Notes during our 2 1/2 months in Hungary and our 2 weeks in Croatia. Expect some insights from across the ocean : )

(1) A military "hop" is a  flight that active and retired military can take on a space-available basis. Because the military has downsized in Europe, they are less available, so we now take regular airlines. 


  1. God bless!
    Enjoy...I', looking fwd to seeing pics! God has good things planned for you!

  2. I can't wait to see what God has planned!

  3. Believing with you for all the adventures God has planned for you! Praying for good health, safe travels, lots of laughter, and opportunities to bless and be blessed! Looking forward to reading the stories that will come from this special season. AND: HAPPY ANNIVERSARY, GAIL & MICHAEL! :) Love you and so grateful for our friendship!

    1. Thanks, Kim. I'm praying for you as you share about your wonderful ministry to the formerly forgotten elderly in Romania. Elder Orphan Care is such a great mission and you are a great advocate!
      And Thanks for the anniversary wishes. I think it's appropriate that we are flying on our anniversary considering how nomadic our married life has been. : )

  4. Blessings and travel mercies go with you as you begin this adventure. Thank you for deciding to keep writing during this time. Praying that God will use you in extraordinary ways during these next months.

  5. Many blessings as you serve Jesus on your travels. Enjoy!

  6. Have a safe trip! What an adventure this is...can't wait to hear about it as you go.

    Peace, Ceil

  7. I'm praying for traveling safety as you go....and I hope we can meet up while you're in Zagreb!

  8. I am praying for the both of you in the weeks to come.

  9. Sziasztok to you and Michael!! Love you and will be praying God shows you His will and His ways. And that He will use you while in Hungary as much as He uses you through BLN. I will also pray for protection and provision.



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