Dying Girl Injected with HIV Cells

HIV cells used to heal, Romans 8:28, God uses bad for good
God is able to use the worst things for good. 

He promises this for faithful Christians (Romans 8:28). But the fact that God is present in our world means that a measure of His grace is found everywhere. 

I thought of this when I heard about an experimental medical procedure injecting HIV cells into the blood of terminally ill cancer patients. Now, before you gasp in shock, let me explain: they engineer these cells in the lab to be "cancer killers" that no longer cause HIV.

A little girl named Emma had no hope. Her days were numbered....until doctors injected her leukemic blood with these former HIV cells. Emma is now healthy. 

Romans 5:20 says "where sin increased, grace increased all the more." Even though our world is fallen and full of evil and suffering, God's presence still sprinkles grace in the most unlikely places.

Today let's take a moment and thank God for that grace that keeps our world from becoming predominantly evil.

Video: Doctors Inject Dying Girl 


  1. Hi Gail,
    Thanks for the reminder to thank God for His Grace...and what an amazing story about how Emma was cured of cancer.

  2. That is crazy! I have never heard about this before.

  3. Wow - I had never heard of this before! But what an amazing analogy!

  4. Hi Gail,
    This is an amazing story. God is so faithful. We are featuring it at this week party Wednesday's Adorned From Above Party tonight. Have a great week.
    Debi and Charly

  5. Awesome. Thanks for sharing this. Love the scriptures also. Linda

  6. god will never leave us nor forsake us inspite of our tribulations,indeed He is merciful and has so much grace,


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