I Can Fly

This 1-minute devotion suggests 6 fun things we might do in heaven. It's kind of fun to think about, don't you agree?

My favorite rides at amusement parks are those that simulate flying. I like them because I think we are meant to fly in heaven. 

Okay, I admit I don't have any scriptural evidence.

Scripture says in heaven we'll:
 see Christ face-to-face.
 fully understand things we don't understand now.

"For now we see only a reflection as in a mirror; then we shall see face to face. Now I know in part; then I shall know fully, even as I am fully known." 1 Corinthians 13:12

But I think heaven might also include other creative and wonderful things like:
♥ being reunited with beloved pets.
♥ creating art, composing music, playing instruments.
♥ cooking and eating (Jesus ate in His glorified body—John 21:10-15; Acts 10:41).
♥ exploring heavenly math, science, and biology (surely heaven will have plants and animals).
♥ participating in sports and contests.
♥ and, flying, of course!

What do you think?

If you'd like to read what Scripture teaches about heaven, check out Revelation 21, John 14:2-4, Revelation 22:3-7, and Matthew 22:30

This 1-minute devotion suggests 6 fun things we might do in heaven. It's kind of fun to think about, don't you agree?

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  1. I just found your blog and this is the first post I've read. I love dreaming about what heaven will be like! Yes, I think we'll be creating... music, art, nature. I think it'll be a very fun place... fun and laughter everyday. But I don't think we'll be cooking. Here's why I don't think so. God created a beautiful garden with fruits and greens for humans and animals to eat. Animals eat from nature without fire, without cooking their food. Humans however, cook just about everything now... the way we eat is a far cry from the way God created us to eat and the evidence is clear with the state of our health. When you cook food you destroy vitamins and minerals and the food just isn't as healthy as it was in it's natural state. I'm not saying it's a sin to eat cooked food, no not at all. But I just don't think it's the ideal that God intended for us and I think in Heaven we could be master gardeners, maybe having a yearly festival for who could create the most delicious or novel fruit, lol! And then we will all eat the fruit of our labours, yum :-)

    1. You could be right about eating uncooked things...whatever happens in heaven will be perfect! Thanks for giving your insights.

  2. Thanks for the e-mail reminder, Gail!!
    Hope your week is Extraordinary!

  3. That's so beautiful a description of what might await us when we return home at last! I so want to see my beloved pets again, too!
    I was able to get your button done correctly following the "save image" instructions. The original code didn't work for me - I couldn't get the picture to show up. I understand that Blogger made some changes, creating a problem that others had too.

  4. I tend to believe heaven will be an enjoyable place and like Jesus did, we can appear where we want to at will. That might include flying. :-) The scriptures also say the lion will lay down with the lamb, so that indicated there will be animals there too. I am certain heaven will be more than we can ever think or imagaine.

  5. Dear Gail
    I certainly agree that we will see our pets as well one day in heaven and I will have a new glorious body with no Fibromyalgia/CFS! And I am especially looking forward to the love there will even be amongst animals for the lion and the lamb will feed together!
    Blessings and love

  6. Love this! I, too, like to imagine!

  7. Absolutely love this post! I love to think of what it will be like, I look forward to it all, especially seeing Jesus face to face! Thanks for sharing :)

  8. I certainly hope we can fly! I've dreamed about flying, and it was wonderful!
    Jen :)

  9. not sure if our previous pets will be there, but I am sure with all the animals being gentle, we will have opportunities to interact with new ones! Even if not, being in the presence of the Lord will make everything else dim in comparison. Right now we can only imagine what we have experienced. I think we will be satisfied with no matter what heaven holds, since Jesus is there and we will be continually worshiping and fellowshiping with Him!!

  10. My husband LOVES that ride....
    I can't wait to see what heaven is going to be like.

  11. I can't believe I forgot to link up on Friday! I made myself a note this time so hopefully I'll remember.

    My hubby wants to get me on Soarin' but I get motion sickness. I can't even look at motion on a screen and be stationary or I'd get sick. It's ridiculous, lol!

    Someday Heaven is going to blow us all away! It's going to be so amazing beyond our imagination. The best part is our God will be there!

    Thanks so much for linking up to the "Making Your Home Sing Monday" linky party today! :)

  12. Makes me think of that song..."I believe I can fly..." I so agree, there is so much more for us in heaven. More than we can ask, think, or imagine! Blessings friend! ~ Jen

  13. I sincerely hope we get reunited with our pets :). I miss my Snoopy.

  14. I love your ideas of what Heaven will be like and I am looking forward to it! Besides seeing loved ones I really love the idea of eating...especially with all the food allergies and stomach ailments I deal with here :)

  15. I love Randy Alcorn's book "Heaven". He goes into depth, using scripture, to describe and define much of what Heaven will be like. If anyone is wanting to do a bit more research go to your local library and check-out "Heaven".

  16. Jesus ate fish and bread in his resurrected body :) before he ascended back to Heaven 😃
    It may not be Fried chicken in Heaven but with our perfect glorified bodies - we could eat all the Chicken we wanted !
    Can you imagine that 😂