I Voted

Vote, Vote for Jesus, Every Decision We Vote for ourselves or for Jesus as Lord
I voted in the last election. 

But not until I thought and prayed and studied the issues. Most Christians I know did the same. We aren’t responsible for the outcome, but we’re responsible for our vote.

What I sometimes fail to realize is that I actually vote every day…not for President, but for Lord. 

Who will be my Lord today…Jesus or me? 

How will I vote when faced with a moral dilemma? Will I do the right thing? Or will I vote to be Lord? Will I study and support God’s "platform" or create my own?

Will I vote for gratefulness instead of discouragement? Forgiveness instead of bitterness? Wholesome entertainment instead of violence and immorality?

Every day we vote…and we’re responsible for our votes. We each have an obligation to vote in the Spirit denying the flesh (Romans 8:1-17).

Today let's vote for Jesus.


  1. What a beautiful thought. I agree with all you said!


  2. You are a balm in my life, Gail :-) as I slip your Love Notes in between housework and blogwork. I am going to vote for "gratefulness instead of discouragement" today.


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