I Owe

We owe many people for our freedoms, gratefulness, we owe Jesus everything
This week when I voted, I exercised a right that I owe to women I’ll never know.

The 19th Amendment (giving women the right to vote) was introduced in Congress in 1878 but wasn’t ratified until 1920. 

During those 42 years, a number of women passionately crusaded despite gender prejudice and unfair stereotypes. I’m no feminist, but I’m grateful for the right to vote.

It makes me think of how many other rights and freedoms I owe to people I’ll never be able to thank: soldiers and statesmen, inventors and researchers, saints and sinners alike.

It also makes me think of the people who’ve sacrificed for me who I could thank, but rarely do: parents and teachers, friends and family.

And it makes me think of my Lord, Who I can never thank enough.

There is nothing good in our lives that God hasn’t given us (1 Corinthians 4:7), so let’s thank God and at least one other person each day!


  1. Hi Gail, I came over from Betty's Wise Hearted blog. I love your heart that in the vote you thought of all those who have gone before you.

    I hang my heard, I never thought of that. Thank you!

  2. I also voted for the first time in my life. I have never felt more moved to vote in my life. I walked right in and voted and walked right back out of the place. I was surprised by how people actually did vote.

    You bring up a good point a lot of people faught to make it so that we could vote in the first place. I never appreciated that fact until this voting season.

    Great post and message.

  3. Yes to what you said....we have the right to our vote and our voice...awesome read.


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