Loving Jesus No Strings Attached

I was faced with a sad revelation about my faith and had to repent of it. I encourage you to ask yourself the question I asked myself. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Devotions

At one point in my life, I realized that I didn’t love Jesus for Himself, but for His benefits. Eternal life wasn’t enough for me. I wanted other things here and now. 

I came to this revelation because something happened that pierced my heart, damaged my dreams, and forever changed the landscape of my life. And I got angry with God. I thought He owed me more. 

I was like the crowd in John 6:26-27 who eagerly followed Jesus because they loved the food Christ gave them, not because they loved Him. 

When I realized my lack of love and understanding for Christ, I repented. 

But this attitude still raises its ugly head at times, and I must again remind myself that Christ has given me more than I deserve, no matter what else happens in my earthly life.

Will you join me today in asking God to give us more love for Him with no strings attached?
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I was faced with a sad revelation about my faith and had to repent of it. I encourage you to ask yourself the question I asked myself. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Devotions


  1. Hi Gail - I know what you mean. I also had a moment like that and felt God had let me down. How foolish of me. It is I who does not understand Him enough to know He knows best. Great post. Trusting God to help us love Him more, no strings attached.
    God bless

  2. thank you for continuing to challenge me to "go higher" in my relationship with Jesus. I love your posts!

  3. God Bless You Gail.
    I Love This Post Sometimes That Happens to me.
    Receive My prayers for Your Life In Jesus name amen and amen.

  4. Gail, thank you, I just repented. Thank you thank you! Jesus in Lord. Praise Him in all circumstance!

  5. Truth you shared here. I repented of this some time ago, now I strive to love God just for who He is to me, My Father.
    Your new follower from Teach me Tuesday.

  6. This is so GOOD
    I myself needed this message. Lord forgive me because I've felt this way at times. Thanks for loving me although I sin against you Lord.

  7. Jesus said it: Blessed is he who takes no offense in Me.

  8. Another timely post -- in fact, it relates to the Getting Bitter post. Obviously God wants me to focus on this and heal. Thanks, Gail! Focusing on it now for sure! :)