Protecting Children's Books

When my children were pre-school age, I ordered a pile of Arch Books. They contain stories from Scripture in rhyme, and both of my children remember the role these Bible story books played in their young lives.
My children's Arch books (My children are 37 and 39).

A friend who taught pre-school told me how to protect soft-cover books by covering them in clear contact paper, and she was so right! These Arch books were read repeatedly and packed and unpacked in countless moves, but they are still in good condition 35 years later (see above).

So, when I ordered by granddaughter the YWAM  Christian Heroes series, I knew I wanted to protect their covers too. Read about my reason for ordering these books here: Book Mentoring.

However, they now have a product that I think is a slight improvement over clear contact paper. It's called "clear laminate" and is made by Duck. Our local Walmart carries it for under $6 for 12" x 36'. I think I'll be able to cover all of these books with one roll, or at least come close.

It keeps corners from becoming dog-eared, and it waterproofs the cover. 

Here's the best way to cut the paper for a clean fit on the book.
I realize this image is not easy to follow due to the transparency of the contact paper in the photos. This image of a book in the YWAM Christian Heroes series. While I recommend this book in the series, I do not recommend all of the books in this series.
The clear laminate doesn't photograph well, and I just couldn't clearly explain this process, but it's relatively easy once you see it.
I found this very hard to explain. I hope my diagram helps. You cut the corners diagonally and fold the excess over onto the inside of the front cover first and then lifting the pages out of the way, you fold the laminate the same way on the back cover. When you lay the book on the laminate paper, you want to lay the front cover first and make sure the laminate is smooth, then fold it around the outside spine and smooth onto the back cover. Obviously, the book doesn't lay flat on the laminate as it does in my diagram. But I hope this helps. You may makes some mistakes on your first book, but by the second or third, you'll be an expert.


  1. Great idea, Gail! Thanks for sharing.

  2. Fabulous idea! I will certainly be doing this because many of our books look rough. And I love those Christian Hero books also- what a great resource to have for your children :)

    Blessings to you!


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