Trojan Horse Lies

These are three common lies that have infiltrated the church and moved people away from biblical principles.

Trojan Horse Enemies in the Church, Introduction
There are lies infiltrating the Church much like enemies entered the city Troy in ancient times. This 1-minute devotion explains.
Lie #1: You Can't Love Others Until You First Love Yourself 
A great deal of emphasis is given to loving and esteeming ourselves. This 1-minute devotion explains a common error that supports this non-Biblical idea.
Lie #2: Our Goal in Life Should Be Happiness 
Many in the modern church have a false view of happiness and false view of what Christ offers. This 1-minute devotion offers Scriptural advice.

Lie #3: I'm a Victim, Not a Sinner 
Are we victims of our circumstances? This 1-Minute devotion addresses the way this un-biblical belief is damaging Christians and culture. 

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