Dear Christians, Don't Fall for "Suicide-Propaganda"

Let's not allow people to make false claims against us because we believe God's Word.

Christians are being ridiculed for our beliefs.

Recently I've been hearing propaganda that Christians are responsible for LGBTQ depression and suicide—not because we are mistreating people but simply because we don't affirm their lifestyles. (See "Statistics" at the bottom.)

The world wants Christians to quit sharing God's loving warnings about the soul damage of LGBTQ lifestyles, as if our beliefs are dangerous to the well-being of others (Romans 1:16-32; John 15:18-21; Luke 6:22). 

That's propaganda. Differing viewpoints are part of culture and part of life. If disapproval causes suicide, Christians have more reason to complain than LGBTQ persons. 

🗸 No one is forcing LGBTQ businesses to hire Christians who disagree with their mission. 

🗸 Social media isn't hindering posts with LGBTQ viewpoints and protecting posts with Christian viewpoints.

🗸 Laws aren't being proposed that limit LGBTQ freedom of speech, and no one is trying to make it illegal for a counselor to promote LGBTQ lifestyles.*

🗸 The press isn't calling LGBTQ persons haters or Christianphobes

But these prejudicial things are being done to Christians.  

If LGBTQ persons are more depressed and suicidal than heterosexuals, it's because they're made in the image of God and in their heart of hearts they know that their lifestyle goes against God's loving design (Romans 1:20). 

I frequently hear Christian groups stressing kindness toward LGBTQ persons. But I can't say I've ever heard of LGBTQ groups stressing kindness toward Christians.

Blaming LGBTQ suicides on Christians is simply part of shame-game propaganda. Stand firm, dear Christians, and put your hope in God!


* In some locations, it's illegal to biblically counsel someone struggling with LGBTQ urges even if that person wants that help. Appropriate biblical counseling is being compared to inappropriate methods of "conversion therapy," and pastors and Christian counselors are being prohibited from sharing biblical truths in these areas. 

For a thorough understanding of the biblical view of homosexuality, see these resources:

Biblical Teaching on Sexual Lifestyles (a collection of short devotions) 

What the Bible Teaches about Gender

Gay Revisionist Theology (a collection addressing various false teachings used by gay revisionists)

Questions, Not Answers (the testimony of a former lesbian)

Statistics: You can find studies that claim LGBTQ suicides are due to their feelings of rejection and studies that claim other causes. Even if every person left a suicide note stating the cause, we'd have trouble drawing conclusions since suicidal people are not thinking clearly when they kill themselves. Wyoming has the highest suicide rate in the U.S. and also the lowest LGBTQ population. We could create a number of contradictory theories about suicide based on Wyoming, but they would also be conjecture, not fact. As Christians, we know that our God is 100% true, good, and right, and He warns us that LGBTQ lifestyles damage people's souls. It seems both biblical and logical that such lifestyles would lead to a higher ratio of despair, depression, and suicide. 

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Let's not allow people to make false claims against us because we believe God's Word.

Let's not allow people to make false claims against us because we believe God's Word.

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