A Reader of Bible Love Notes Shares Her Views

“I have my daily devotions with Bible Love Notes, it's a great blessing to be able to do it in such an easy way and I can't wait to continue to be blessed with Wisdom of Life Book. ~ Monica Juarez, Mexico 

Wisdom for Life is written by the author of Bible Love Notes, a popular online devotional ministry. You can find out more about the book here: Wisdom for Life. If you'd like to read a few of the devotions before purchasing the book, click "look inside" or "read sample" on Lifeway or Amazon.

A wonderful devotion from a well-known online Devotional Writer.
A note from Gail Purath, the author of Bible Love Notes and Wisdom for life:

Wisdom for Life will give you a deeper appreciation for the books of Psalms and Proverbs. 

The devotions share the wisdom, peace, comfort, guidance and correction of these wonderfully relevant Old Testament books.

Best of all, the devotions only take one minute to read, just like the devotions on Bible Love Notes. 

But for those who have more time, they offer multiple Scripture references, and a “For further thought” section so you can dig deeper.
Although Wisdom for Life is designed for individual devotional use, it can easily be used for family devotions or small group study. And those who purchase the book can download two free Bible studies that are based on the devotions in the book.
My prayer is that each devotion will draw readers closer to the Lord.
~ Gail
P.S. I encourage you to read 10 Reasons You'll Love Wisdom for Life.

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