Rocky-Ground "Faith"

Part 2 in the series on the Parable of the Sower: Rocky-Ground people. Check out this 1-minute devotion and see if you know any Rocky-ground folks. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Devotions

Imagine shallow soil covering a layer of rocks where seeds quickly sprout up “with joy.” But as soon as the sun comes up, they wilt and die because they have no roots.

In the parable of the sower (Matthew 13:1-23, Luke 8:4-15, Mark 4:1-20) Jesus talks of people who receive the gospel like rocky ground receives seeds.

They immediately receive God’s Word with joy, but quickly fall away when tested.

They want the benefits of salvation, but they don't want the responsibilities. God's Word, which they received with joy, now demands things of them they're unwilling to give.(1) 

Perhaps someone mocks them when they stand up for unpopular teachings of Scripture. Maybe someone rejects them when they share the gospel. Or perhaps a Christian friend confronts them about their sins. 

Their initial joy dissolves when they discover they might lose popularity or have to change their lifestyle.

Rocky-ground people don't understand that salvation has a cost (Luke 14:25-35). 

And they don't understand the incredible reward of following Christ (1 Thessalonians 5:23-24).

Let's pray for these rocky-ground people that they might know and understand the love of Jesus.
(1) Luke simply says “testing,” but Matthew and Mark explain it is a trial directly linked to God’s Word.
To read about the first group Jesus discusses in this parable - hard-path people, see The Seed is Not the Problem

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Part 2 in the series on the Parable of the Sower: Rocky-Ground people. Check out this 1-minute devotion and see if you know any Rocky-ground folks. #BibleLoveNotes #Bible #Devotions


  1. I know some rocky ground people. At first I was disappointed that they had no enduring faith, then I understood it was the soil.... it can change, when the timing is right.

  2. Sometimes I feel like I am a rocky ground person!! But the desire of my heart is to be so much like Jesus than when people see me, they see him! I keep thinking every morning that, "this is the day I get it all right" but I just don't know! My Daddy was a preacher and I grew up in a very LEGALISTIC home and sometimes I wonder if it hadn't been that way, would I have such a battle inside. I don't blame Daddy because he just taught me what he was taught, but it sure is hard to get past that!! All I know, is, I want to serve Jesus and be the woman He calls me to be. Just wish I knew what that entailed! Thank you so much for your time in doing these devotionals. I do appreciate it!

    1. Dear Just Me,
      I have learned from my life and the lives of others, that bad circumstances and poor parenting usually have two sides, a good one and a bad one.

      Let me explain: I know a woman whose father always blamed her for her siblings offenses. It was unjust and unfair, and when she grew up, she often let people blame her for things she didn't do and she often blamed herself for things over which she had no control.

      But, it has also made her more aware of her sins than any of her siblings. She readily admits her faults, while her siblings usually excuse theirs.

      So her father's mistreatment brought her some difficulties to overcome and some things to be grateful for.

      I hope that you will find both in your upbringing and find the balance that God wants you to have.

      And let me encourage you: the most important first step in being the woman God wants you to be is a desire to be that woman. And you have that!!

      God bless you.