"Antique" Thoughts About Treasure

"Antique" Thoughts About Treasure

I love antique shops. Walking through them can be a real "treasure hunt." 

They bring so many questions to mind:

Who once owned this item?

What adventures, sorrows, joys, tragedies, and miracles did the owner experience during his lifetime on earth?

What would this person from another century tell me about life and death and treasure if he could speak?

Did he place the wrong "price tags" on areas of his life?

Is he now safe at home with Jesus enjoying true treasure?

Yes, I love antique shops...they are full of history and mystery and good questions. 

They give me opportunity to ponder the true meaning of "treasure." 

How many earthly treasures have I overpriced? How many heavenly treasures have I forfeited?

“For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.” Matthew 6:21

Do I remember that I brought nothing into the world and can take nothing out of it (1 Timothy 6:7)?

Am I focused on being rich in good deeds and generously sharing the earthly treasures God has given me (1 Timothy 6:17-19)?

It's good for me to ponder these questions. How about you?

"Antique" Thoughts About Treasure


  1. Love your creative pondering. I've had passing thoughts like that when I visited antique shops, but never thought about writing on it. You amaze me. You speak truth.

  2. Please pray for me. I have sinned and with the sin comes consequences. I know God has forgiven me, but now I am being further tested. I have to go to court. My attorney wants me to be untruthful. Right now I can take a misdemeanour instead of being found guilty of a felony. I think my attorney wants to take this to trial and I would have to lie saying I am not guilty of spraying in the west direction away from the man on my right. He wants me to say I was spraying the dog, but I wasn't. It's involved. The wind carried the spray toward the man, I was 20 feet away. He barely got touched. What really happened was a dog attacked me from inside a fence and almost got out at a broken section. I was walking my small dog. I got really frightened and bear sprayed the dog. I went to the talk to the owner and he came out of his house screaming at me. He said very sarcastically, "Well the dog didn't get out of the fence, did he?" I became really mad and showed the man I had spray for my protection. Then I sprayed a short blast to the west, away from the owner of the dog. The owner was down wind and caught a little of the spray. He's claiming I attacked him, which I honestly didn't. A cop interviewed me and I told him everything. However, words were twisted around and I'm accused of spraying the man and his dog. Not only could I get a heavy fine, but the man wants to sue me for medical bills and damages. I am also paying an attorney $5,000 to help me. It turned out really bad, it's not over yet. But I can't lie. I have to trust God and deal with the circumstances. I lost my temper and did not have love for this man. I am almost 64 years old so I should of known better. So, I am repented, and I do see my wrong. All I am asking for is prayer. Thank you.

    1. I'm so sorry for your situation. My husband and I took time to pray for you, and I want to commend you for your honesty and sincere repentance. I pray that you will not receive a felony charge.


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