4 More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (#9-12)

4 More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (9-12)

This is Part 3 in the series "Half-Truths Many Christians Believe."

Half-truth #9: God is never disappointed in me.

We can grieve God just as we can grieve our earthly fathers when we sin. This error is closely related to half-truth #8. These links explain more:
What True Love Isn't
Let's Not Grieve Him
Acceptance Does Not Equal Love

Half-truth #10: God doesn’t punish Christians.

Christians need to understand the difference between discipline, punishment, and condemnation. These links explain more:
No Condemnation...
God Punishes
Discipline, Punishment, Condemnation

Half-truth #11: A good God wouldn’t send anyone to Hell.

You must call Jesus a liar to support this truth. These links explain why:
What Jesus Said About Hell
Be Prepared: Why Would a Loving God Send Men to Hell?
The Heresy of Universal Salvation

Half-truth #12: God doesn't send anyone to Hell, people send themselves. 

People choose to reject God, but it's silly to think they send themselves to Hell. I wonder if we say this because we are ashamed of a God who sends wicked men to Hell. This link explains more:
Scripture Debunks this Popular Quote About Hell

4 More Half-Truths Many Christians Believe (9-12)

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