What True Love Isn't

God the Father, God the Shepherd, God the Potter, God the Husband
I often hear people describe God's love as love without judgment, expectation, disappointment or discipline. 

We like creating our own gods, but the Bible tells us what true Love looks like.

God's love judges, has expectations, gets disappointed, and disciplines us.

He loves like:
A perfect Father - nurturing, disciplinary, firm, forgiving, fun, expecting our obedience and honor.
A perfect Husband - tender, protective, faithful, expecting faithfulness in return.
A perfect Shepherd - aware of our weaknesses, always present, always leading, expecting us to follow.
A perfect Potter * - hands-on, purposeful, skilled, expecting us to yield to His hand in our lives.

This is true love. It isn't weak; it has standards; it isn't mere affection. And for that, we should be grateful.

We can create gods all we want, but they'll never measure up to the perfect nature and character of the Living God of the Bible.
* Beside the passage linked in the word Potter, also check out Romans 9:20.

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