St. Patrick - Better than the Legends

St. Patrick - Better than the Legends

Legends about St. Patrick driving snakes out of Ireland aren’t true.

But St. Patrick’s true story is better than the legends.

In the year 405, a 16-year-old Scottish boy named Patrick was captured and enslaved in pagan Ireland. 

Although Patrick’s family was Christian, he had never chosen faith in Christ. But that quickly changed. 

He spent the next six years of his enslavement daily seeking God in prayer.

Then, in a dream, the Lord showed him a way of escape.

Safely back in Scotland, you’d think Patrick would never want to visit Ireland again. However, in his 40’s, Patrick returned to evangelize the Irish people.

It's believed that one of his first converts was the clan leader who had previously enslaved him.

Before this time, missionaries hadn't been very successful, but Patrick’s firsthand knowledge of Irish clans greatly helped to spread the Gospel.

Patrick’s life illustrates these spiritual truths:
1. God used his enslavement for good – Romans 8:28.

2. God gave him grace to love his enemies – Matthew 5:44.

3. God’s mission was extended on earth – Matthew 28:18-20.
Some believe that the shamrock is the symbol of St. Patrick's Day because St. Patrick used it to illustrate the Trinity. I encourage you to read "3 Reasons There Can Only Be One True God."

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St. Patrick - Better than the Legends

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