So Many Voices

So Many Voices, but Only One True God: Jesus

Walking in busy pedestrian areas, I often notice Jehovah Witness and Baha'i representatives handing out literature and evangelizing.

Both of these faiths incorporate Jesus in their beliefs, but not the Jesus of the Bible (2 Corinthians 11:14). Neither view Jesus as God nor believe His redemption on the Cross was enough to save us.

It makes me sad to see people stopping to listen to their presentations, but I realize there will always be false voices claiming to speak truth. 

It started when Eve listened to someone who told her she could be like God. Yes, Satan sowed seeds of doubt in her mind about the things God had told her (Genesis 3:1-4). 

All false religions are born from that same lie - that God isn't who He says He is so we can become our own gods or create our own gods.

Give us a heart for the lost, dear Lord. May people begin listening to Your voice and rejecting these lies.

For info on the errors in some popular false religions:
Jehovah Witnesses
Are Muslims and Mormons Apples and Oranges?

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False Religions With False Beliefs in Jesus


  1. Muslims also, they call Him Isa, say He was great man... He Is , not was, always in all ways Son of The Most High God

    1. Yes, Sharie, you're right. This list of cults/religions who represent Jesus incorrectly is not complete. There are others as well.
      Thanks for adding that.


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