Emotions, Logic, or God's Word?

Do you realize how most folks make decisions? This 1-minute devotion explains a serious decision-making problem and the Biblical answer.

Lately I've noticed non-Biblical beliefs are hard to overcome.
For example, I've found it hard to convince people with the "Judge Not!" mindset that many types of judgment are Biblical. (See my Biblical Judgement Archive)

I've argued from a point of logic, explaining judgment is necessary:
  • for formulating values and beliefs.
  • for moral decision-making.
  • for protecting ourselves from bad influences.
  • for helping others caught in sin.
I've presented numerous Scriptures confirming these points of logic.*

I've even referenced the wisdom of respected Bible scholars and teachers.

But I'm finding that nothing will change some people's minds.

This was perplexing to me until I read about a recent study that concluded most people make decisions based on emotions, not logic. 

Emotions can be good, but only when coupled with truth. Otherwise they lead to error and sin.*

I realize that I'm also susceptible to illogical, un-biblical emotions - and so are you. So let's:
1. Lean on God's wisdom, not our own (Proverbs 3:5-6). 
2. Take our thoughts captive before they wrongly influence our emotions and decisions (2 Corinthians 10:5).
* When I speak of coming from a point of logic, I'm talking about Biblical logic, not human logic. Biblical logic will always be confirmed in Scripture, and Scripture is the highest authority because it is God's Word.

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Do you realize how most folks make decisions? This 1-minute devotion explains a serious decision-making problem and the Biblical answer.

Do you realize how most folks make decisions? This 1-minute devotion explains a serious decision-making problem and the Biblical answer.


  1. I've also believe that emotions change and when we make decisions on emotions, you can get mixed thoughts. That's another reason to rely on biblical logic, it never changes. It's stable and fair.

  2. When a believer is finally emotionally spent on their truth their justification, only then will their mind shift from the truth of their sin to the truth of God, the truth of the word of God and the truth of the Holy Spirit. There is a moment of truth of who we really are in the Spirit and the reconciliation of the connection we have with God that has to become settled in mind body and SPIRIT and the shift occurs in that very moment. SELAH!!

  3. I was only contemplating this today, there seems to be a plurality in mans thinking, like its a choice between emotion or logic. However both are God given gifts, and separating them is something that happens when we choose to live in one realm at the expense of another, either consciously or unconsciously. It can be seen in very problematic character traits that cause much pain in self and others. When we separate from our emotion (sometimes called splitting), we also diminish (or even eradicate) our ability to empathise, yes we can make business like choices, but perhaps at the expense of others or without the ability to see "consequences". It can be cold and even at the extreme end, sociopathic. The opposite end of the spectrum is to be lead purely by impulsivity, and be blown about like the wind inn emotional rollercoaster. However its my belief that the two should not operate separately, its not healthy and its not how God created us. If we take in information from the bible, that is all it is, information, it is only when it reaches our emotions that we can reconcile the two aspects and effect change in ourselves or we are simply "religious". When we read of Jesus's experiences on this earth and his words to the disciples, do we read "facts' or are we able to put our selves in the situation of the disciples and imagine how they felt, seeing and hearing what he had to say, if we can't, we are merely reading "instructions" like a building a model toy. If we can "feel " what it must have been like, we can grasp something beyond instruction, but passion and love. To feel what others might be feeling, can only be done by experiencing our own emotions as they relate to the situation. This is the most fundamental way of communicating with another person, and the most healthy way of demonstrating love. Not doing things, but listening. This is something many, (consciously or unconsciously kill), ironically using "religion" to keep it at bay. "Feeling" risks "vulnerability" and emotional pain and "hurt" but is essential to really show love, something Jesus was very accustomed too. He was the ultimate demonstration of using both logic (his arguments with the pharisees) with empathy (feeling the death of Lazarus) in perfect harmony.

    1. Thank you, or your post. It helped me. I am trying t find my fotting , new to the battle of Good & Evil and being aawake in full to it here on Earth. I had been ost, for years and I made a lot of mistakes and have on my walk to the Lord or back rather to try and be in truth with Him and for Him and the Bible can be so scary, The Earth and Human mixing when trying to get back to the Lord is hard and many I cannot hang with anymore, but your words helped me tonight as I ponder, if I will ever get my walk right or be Holy for Him or Rightous enough for Him and.....whew,,,,,,ty

    2. Dear Page, I've prayed that you will take full advantage of the power and courage you can have through Christ and I encourage you to find some older Christians who might pray with you and help you in this struggle to get back on track with the Lord. And stay in your Bible....the Psalms can help when we are struggling.

  4. Amen. Thank you for this

  5. Thank you for your words. Recently the Holy Spirit reminded me to "keep it simple" the Gospel. Then i found your page. Wisdom, truth, simply the gospel.❤

  6. Thank you. Recently, the Holy Spirit reminded me to "keep it simple" the Gospel. Then I found your page. Wisdom, TRUTH, simple.❤