A Note on the Fridge

Heaven is our home, aliens and strangers on earth
When going somewhere special, I might put a note on my fridge or ask a friend to remind me.

We Christ-followers also need reminders that we're going somewhere special - heaven.

Some of the reminders are like my note on the fridge - we've left them for ourselves. Whenever we see death, decay, destruction, and discouragement, we are reminded that mankind brought sin into our world and something is terribly wrong. But we're also reminded that this world is not our home (1 Peter 2:11-12).

Some of the reminders are from God - the beauty of nature constantly proclaims His divine nature, telling us that one day we will live in heaven surrounded only by goodness and beauty (Romans 1:20). This world is not our home.

God's Word is another reminder, explaining why we're broken, how we can be restored to God here and now, and how we can spend eternity in heaven. This world is not our home.

Whenever you get discouraged with this broken world, remember it's not our home (Hebrews 13:14).
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