Understanding Truth

Popular views commonly attributed to the Bible
It's alarming how many aspects of our "faith talk" are worldly philosophies re-packaged in Christian verbiage

1. Tolerance: We've decided Matthew 7:1 means we shouldn't judge anyone or anything.(1)

2. Worldly Goals: We believe Jeremiah 29:11 and other Bible passages promise us worldly success.(2)

3. Self-esteem: We think self-esteem is the answer to our problems. (3)

4. Positive Thinking: We think we can change our destiny with our words and thoughts.(4)

But the Bible teaches:

1. Non-hypocritical Judgement: Matthew 7:1-4 prohibits hypocritical judgement, not all judgement.(1)

2. Eternal Goals: God is more interested in our character than our worldly happiness.(2)

3. Self-denial and God-esteem: Self-denial and God-esteem are the answer to our problems.(3)

4. Healthy Thinking: We should dwell on good things, but our thoughts and words do not create our destiny or assure health and wealth. (4) 

We need to know what the Bible teaches, not what we think it teaches and not what we want it to teach.

(1) See Misunderstandings About Judgement archive.
(2) See Matthew 6:19-20 and Not Those Plans
(3) See Mat.16:24-25Phil. 2:3-4Rom. 12:32 Tim. 3:1-3;1 Jn 2:15-17 and Biblical Self-Esteem archive.
(4) See Philippians 4:8 and The Power and Limit of Words.

Why not do a Bite Size Bible study on this devotion and discover why it's important to know the context, the history and the purpose when you study the Bible.

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