Too Laid Back

Under-thinkers, Under-thinking problems
God created us with different strengths and there are blessings in being introspective and blessings in being laid-back. 

However, most strengths have accompanying weaknesses.

Introspective people can "over-think" problems and laid-back people can "under-think" them. Over-thinkers need to replace obsessive thoughts with God thoughts. (see Over Thinking)

Under-thinkers need to face problems squarely:
1. Dealing with conflict instead of ignoring it.
Matthew 5:23-24

2. Caring deeply about personal sin instead of excusing it.
James 4:8-10

3. Praying about everything, being alert, giving situations the time and effort they deserve.
Colossians 4:2

Laid back people don't let their minds ruminate over problems. They can help over-thinkers put things in perspective and leave their problems at the feet of Christ because the problems of this world are insignificant in light of eternity.

But they must avoid denying or ignoring problems, refusing to give them the time and prayer they deserve. 

What personality type are you - introspective or laid-back? Why not find a prayer partner who has the opposite strength.

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