We Choose Sin

Children are responsible for their sins, Quit blaming parents for their children
We are easily influenced by false cultural views of sin. That's why it's so important that Christians remember:

1. Sin is NOT the result of circumstances.

It's popular to blame environment for bad behavior, but that's not Biblical (John 3:20). 

We aren't born perfect and then messed up by our environment. We're born messed up. 

Change comes when we recognize our fallen nature and take responsibility for our sins (James 4:17; Ephesians 4:17-24).

2. Parents are NOT responsible for how their adult children turn out.

This is a natural spin-off of belief #1. 

If an adult child makes terrible choices, we often look for fault in the parents, not the adult child. 

Parents are responsible TO God for how they parent but not responsible FOR their adult children's choices (Ezekiel 18:20).

And on the flip side, We adult children are responsible for our choices. We can't blame them on our parents.

Daniel's environment was oppressive and evil. Joseph had a dysfunctional family. But Daniel and Joseph took responsibility for their choices.

We need to start doing the same. 

It's Biblical.
Note: I'm talking about adult decisions made without physical threat.
Scriptures are linked so you can read the verses easily
Joseph and Daniel are linked to devotions that explain their choices more fully

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