7 Things We Learn From Acts 8:26-39

Acts 8:26-39, Philip and the Ethiopian EunuchIn Acts 8:26-39, when Philip speaks with the Ethiopian Eunuch, God highlights these truths:

1. The Gospel is for all nations and races. 

This conversion of a black foreigner proved to the early Church that everyone is equal in the kingdom of God.* Revelation 5:9-10

2. The Gospel is for all classes of people. 

The Ethiopian was "important" (v.27). Sometimes we concentrate on the poor and needy; but rich, important people also need Jesus. 1 Timothy 6:17-19

3. Without God's Spirit, Scripture is hard to understand (v. 30-31). 
1 Corinthians 2:14 ;John 14:26

4. Old and New Testaments are about Jesus. 

Philip started in the Old Testament to explain Jesus (v.32-35) just as Jesus did in Luke 24:27.

5. Sincere seekers find Jesus. 

The Ethiopian wanted to know the truth. Jeremiah 29:13

6. Sincere converts will not need coaxing to obey. 

The Ethiopian wanted to be baptized immediately (v.36). 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10

7. Obedience to the Gospel brings joy (v.39). John 15:10-11  

What a Truth-packed story from God's Word!

* If you read all of Acts, you will find that this was a hard truth for the Jews to accept, even some of the Apostles. See Galatians 2
Image from LaVista Church

To do a short Bible study on this passage check out today's Bite Size Bible Study. This study explains why Acts 8:37 is omitted in newer translations of the Bible. It also contains an image with all 7 points in case you'd like to pin the list.

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