Apologists - Those Who Evangelize Through Reasoning - Acts 17:1-4

Apologists - Those Who Evangelize Through Reasoning - Acts 17:1-4

Paul was a great apologist. It was his style of evangelism...

It's wonderful to discover your personal style of evangelism. 

Yesterday we talked about "jumpers" like Peter--bold and aggressive, engaging crowds of complete strangers. 

Paul was also bold, but his favorite form of evangelism focused more on his reasoning skills.

He debated his own people (Acts 17:1-4) and did his best to identify with people of other backgrounds (1 Corinthians 9:20-23).

His evangelism in Athens was brilliant. 

Apologists - - Acts 17:1-4
He did his homework and discovered an idol in Athens ascribed to "The Unknown God." With that as a starting point, he told them the God unknown to them was Jesus. His arguments won some of the Greek philosophers to the Lord.

If you enjoy studying criticisms of Christianity, you're probably an apologist* like Paul.

If you're neither a jumper nor an apologist, you might enjoy these other 1-minute devotions about Evangelism Styles.
* An apologist is someone who learns answers to common questions and criticisms of Christianity, defending the faith.

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