Was it Simply Her Personality?

Mary and Martha, Was it Mary's Personality? Mary was humble and serious about seeking Jesus
  • In Luke 10:38-42, Mary sat at Christ’s feet while Martha worried about the meal preparations.
  • In John 11:1-46, After Lazarus' death, Martha ran to Christ. Mary fell at his feet.
  • In John 12:1-8, Mary anointed Jesus feet while Martha served.
Martha loved, trusted and served Jesus. But she rarely was found at His feet.

Was it just her personality? I don't think so.

Jesus didn't defend Mary’s personality in these passages; He defended her understanding and priorities. Mary knew that knowledge, comfort, and worship begin at the feet of Christ.

No matter our personality type, let's ask God for Mary's understanding. Christ alone holds the answers to our deepest longings, and He loves spending time with us! How sweet is that!
© copyright Gail Burton Purath, 2011

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