Peeling Back the Blessings in Life - God Has Built Blessings into Everything, Even the Banana

benefits of bananas, God's multifaceted blessings
Let's be aware of the tiny blessings God has placed everywhere in our lives...

In the twenty years since the fall of Communism, bananas have become abundant in Budapest. 

But during the Communist era, my Hungarian landlady once rode a bus across Budapest and waited in a long line to get two bananas for her children. 

Her story makes me wonder how many wonderful things I daily take for granted.

Let's take the simple banana. It isn't merely a sweet delicious treat that comes in a disposable, biodegradable wrapper. 
It also:
1. Provides energy.
2. Helps us relax due to its tryptophan (which converts to serotonin).
3. Helps regulate glucose levels and lower stress because of its Vitamin B6.
4. Helps lower blood pressure due to its low sodium and high potassium levels.
5. Helps us stay alert and focused also due to potassium.
5. Is a natural antacid.
6. Aids digestion because of it fiber content.

Everything God gives us has multifaceted blessings enclosed. So don't forget to thank Him for the small stuff!  Ephesians 5:20

Sources: 10 Banana Facts 
25 Reasons to Eat Bananas
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