Peeling Back the Blessings in Life—They're Everywhere!

The humble banana is one of millions of little blessings God has scattered in our lives. This 1-minute devotion offers some interesting insights.

Living in Mainz, Germany, from 1979-1982 and in Budapest, Hungary, from 2005-2010, I had a firsthand glimpse of the before-and-after damage of atheistic Communism which controlled much of Europe for forty years. 

I learned so much from the stories my Hungarian landlady shared with me, even from seemingly insignificant details. 

When we lived in Budapest, bananas were easily available, but during Communism, they weren't. My landlady once rode a bus across the city and waited for hours in line to get two bananas for her children. 

I take so much for granted, huge things like my freedom to worship and seemingly insignificant things like the availability of fresh fruit. I doubt I've ever enjoyed a banana as much as my landlady and her two small children enjoyed the two she spent half a day to buy. 

But when I take time to "peel back my blessings," I'm amazed. Just think about the simple banana. God made it delicious, filled it with vitamins and minerals, and put it in a disposable, biodegradable wrapper. God has built incredible variety and purpose into all of creation. He took pleasure in doing this for us (Revelation 4:11), and it's one of many ways He “richly provides us with everything for our enjoyment” (1 Timothy 6:17). 

So let me end with these two thoughts: let's pray that our governments quit moving away from God, and let's genuinely appreciate our blessings from God, even simple things like bananas (Psalm 103:2).


If you've purchased Wisdom for Life, find additional insights about God's desire to bless us by reading Day 72. 

Some facts about bananas. They:
💛Provide energy.
💛Help us relax due to their tryptophan (which converts to serotonin).
💛Help regulate glucose levels and lower stress because of their Vitamin B6.
💛Help lower blood pressure due to their low sodium and high potassium levels.
💛Help us stay alert and focused also due to potassium.
💛Work as a natural antacid.
💛Aid digestion because of their fiber content.

The humble banana is one of millions of little blessings God has scattered in our lives. This 1-minute devotion offers some interesting insights.

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  1. Amen. What an awesome post, great parable really :)

  2. This is wonderful Gail. Thanks for reminding me of God's blessings within a banana. One of my favorite foods. I like the part that it comes with it's own biodegradable wrapper. Bonus! Thank you for your ministry. ~ Abby

  3. God was telling me to eat a banana and I saw them in a vision. So I researched and found THIS article. Well a banana makes you happy ( yeah!!! So it can replace coffee I told myself). Then I kept on reading and found out it serves as a natural antacid which I greatly need right now.
    Isn’t God good!
    A few years ago I kept seeing visions of plants and to cut the story short it’s because God wanted me to eat plenty of green vegetables because they are a natural anti inflammatory medicine. I didn’t respond to Holy Spirit until I had a stint in the hospital for a day which could have been avoided if I had listened to God a year ir even six months prior.
    Our God ( Jesus Christ) is so good to us.
    To Him be the glory!

    1. Thanks for sharing your story, Anna.
      So glad God gave you wisdom about what to eat!