Avoiding Stereotypes When Sharing the Gospel
Frequently I encounter atheists who want to stereotype all Christians as illiterate, superstitious hypocrites. 

This is unfair and untrue. 

But it's just as unfair to characterize all atheists as ungodly, uncaring and mean. 

I recently saw a Christian movie that meant well but presented this picture of atheists. It wasn't realistic. 

Sometimes we Christians oversimplify things, and this makes us look foolish. 

When we share Christ, we need to throw out our stereotypes and formulas, treating people as individuals not "opponents." 

Don't get me wrong. I think we should be well-prepared to answer questions about our faith. Scripture commands it (1 Peter 3:15). 

But we shouldn't think that reciting memorized lines or learning debate tactics will win souls to Christ. 

The best "formula" for seeing our friends and loved ones converted is to love them, pray for them and be sensitive to the Spirit's promptings. 

With Jesus' help we can quit seeing and quit being stereotypes.
Avoiding Stereotypes When Sharing the Gospel


  1. We have a couple of atheists in our family. I no longer try to debate with them because it always ends in anger. I ask God to help me love them and to see them the way he sees them: lost souls who need Christ. Perhaps my loving them and being respectful will win them over. Maybe, maybe not, but it's in the Lord's hands.

    1. Sounds like the best approach to me, Gail.
      I appreciate you sharing your insights.

  2. a very powerful lesson, Gail! thank you for posting this.

  3. I'm the same as Gail. I had three atheists in my family. I've been lifting them in prayer since I gave my heart to the Lord three years ago. Number of atheists in the family? Two. :) My youngest son gave his heart to the Lord and is now seeing the Love God has for him.


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