Laugh Out Loud

Romans 1:20, men mock God, men are without excuse
Artwork: Billy Frank Alexander
I wrote a devotion called Things That Make Me Sad: Cain. It was part of a series that highlighted the patient love of God despite mankind's persistent disobedience.  

When I pinned it on Pinterest, I got this comment: 
"Laugh out loud...he flooded THE ENTIRE EARTH and killed everyone and everything. That's love and patience? WHAT." 

This comment is such a good illustration of mankind's attitude toward God:

1. Most men never take time to learn the Gospel accurately before rejecting it: God warned mankind for decades preceding the flood. And God saved all who responded (Genesis 6).* 

2. Most men laugh out loud at God's love. The flood was a foreshadowing of every man's eternal choice. Some, like Noah, will choose to love God. Many, like those who perished in the flood, will mock God's love. 

This man has no excuse. I pray he opens his eyes to the evidence of God everywhere (Romans 1:20).
* Noah's family was the only God-fearing family on earth. This man also had his facts wrong when he said God destroyed everything--God saved many of the animals

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  1. It's really sad that you received a comment like that. But, it is an opportunity to pray for him and many others that are lost.


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