No Micromanagment

Bible Teachers should teach students to depend on Scripture not people
Karen knocked on the classroom door as I finished my weekly women’s Bible study. 

She told me she belonged to a church in town that didn't stress Bible teaching and explained: "My doctor recently detected a melanoma on my back. I promised God I’d go to a Bible study if He’d let me live, and He answered my prayer. So here I am.” 

Over the next few months, I had the pleasure of praying with Karen to receive Christ and introducing her to the basics of Christianity. She continued to be devoted to her church, but faithfully came to Bible study at my church. 

I didn't address this. Instead, I concentrated on the Bible. I wanted her to know and rely on God’s Word so she could evaluate her church doctrines and traditions herself. 

Sometimes I’ve tried to micromanage people’s spiritual views, but each Christian must learn to "examine everything carefully" for themselves and "hold fast to what is good" (1 Thessalonians 5:21).

*Karen is not her real name. I wish I could do a follow up on her, but we lost touch after I moved, so I didn't feel comfortable using her real name. 
** Please don't misunderstand my point: We need sound teaching in order to grow, and there are times we should address specific beliefs, but the most important thing we can teach a new Christian is to compare every teaching to the Word of God. And to do that, they must know God's Word for themselves.

For a short Bible study on this devotion, Check out Bite Size Bible Study.


  1. Gail,

    I appreciate this post very much, especially today. My husband and I lead a small group for couples. There is one couple who is fairly new to our group. We have recently learned that the husband has been doing some research and is slowly becoming involved with a non-Christian organization. As leaders, my husband and I will continue, as we always have, to only concentrate on the Bible. Like you said, no matter how tempted we are to chime in on people's spiritual views, it is up to each person to consider everything carefully. God willing this gentleman will take account of the differences between the true word of God and what he is learning in this other faith. Thanks again for this post & many blessings!

    1. What a relevant situation, Diana. I'm sure that as you teach the Bible, you will have opportunity to address specific things that refute this non-Christian organization. And I hope you don't think I mean that we can't ever address things openly...we can. But I think it's particularly important that new Christians learn to seek truth in the Bible, not simply from Bible teachers.
      Thanks for your comment.

  2. HI Gail! How wonderful that this woman had you at such a tender point in her life. I think it is a struggle to know just how far to talk, wanting to invite, not wanting to 'turn them off.' Sounds like you did just the right thing.

    You are blessed!

    Peace in Christ,

  3. I agree with your post. We need to help others see the Bible and the importance of God's word in our lives. We can't make decisions for them and we don't want them saying, "Gail says... or Carol says..." We can pray for them to be led by the Holy Spirit, and the best thing we can do, in addition, would be to help them learn how to study God's word.

  4. Wow. I love your approach that you taught her how to study herself instead of telling her what to believe. That's a skill that she can carry with her for life.

  5. I love this, after much denominational confusion I was experiencing as a new Christian, I decided to immerse myself in the Word for a while and my walk has become clearer through the Holy Spirit, I love being inspired by God filled people but nothing comes close to being taught by the Holy Spirit <3 This post was confirmation for me, thank you.


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